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Our solutions are proven to help clients improve productivity and increase growth, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Full Technology Integration

We provide full technological integration such as customized phone menus in your language, advanced forwarding services, appointment reminders, annual call backs, shorter on-hold wait time, 24/7 live receptionists, phone and screen- mirror surveillance, recording of your agents to improve "phone-side" manner, a web-site with SEO development, and so much more.

Help & Support

It's okay to ask for help, that's why we're here! With our trained and college educated staff, we can provide full support from customer service to clerical support to managing online communities, and even personal assistants and graphic designers.

Project Managment

Project managers are an incredibly crucial component in any business but it's also one of the most costly and difficult departments to staff. We provide experienced and educated agents that are trained by fellow project managers to ensure they are up to task and can handle any project no matter the size.

What our clients say

After twelve years of trial and error in my private OB/GYN practice - with decreasing reimbursements and increasing labor costs - I was on the verge of a very tough decision - adapt and modernize, or go home and get a salaried job. Thankfully I chose the former and teamed up with Global Professional Staffing to update my phone, network, and computer systems. That was a good start, but then I hired 2 agents to answer the phone calls, schedule appointments, and take messages. That took a large work-load off my full-time receptionists, and they were able to perform higher level tasks.
Dr. Mark Vaynkhadler

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